The Who and How of Tamela J. Ritter


Born in Spokane WashingTJsquareton, she spent most of her formative years dreaming of telling stories in the big city. So much so that she believed that if she followed the “Broadway” that ran through her town far enough, she would eventually arrive in NYC.

She wasn’t too bright.

It took her longer than she imagined to wind up in the big city–and then only adjacently. Before that she took her turn as student at the University of Montana were she learned the difference between facts (i.e. the only things that mattered for her degree in journalism) and fiction (i.e. the only things that mattered to her). A few credits short of her degree, she decided she was tired of trees and mountains and moved to Texas.

A decision she almost instantly regretted.

But no matter, she soon found herself in Connecticut. The closest she would get to NYC and the closest she would get to a career as journalist, freelancing for the Norwalk Hour’s features section. It was while in Fairfield County Connecticut that she honed skills and made friends that would allow her to take her writing to the level that it was actually suitable for others to read, and also, perhaps enjoy.

Currently, for reasons that defy logic, she lives and works in Northern Virginia.