And So Begins Another Season

It feels weird to be starting Series 7 when the world is waiting for the Series 8 premiere. It was different when I was WAY behind everyone else. Now, it’s only what, 13 episodes? And I could blow through them in a day (I really could, BBC America is marathoning them as I type). I really could. But, well, a confession. Last Christmas Eve it was me, a bunch of booze and a marathon of Series 7 before the Christmas special.

I don’t really remember much. Well, aside from the multiple times I questioned where exactly my life went and how it had come to this… but other than that? Not much.

Besides, I don’t want to rush through Doctor Squishy Face. I still want to savor each episode. Even if the rest of the world is analyzing and formulating theories and whatnot about the new dude. And, lets be honest, it’s not like anyone is DYING to know my thoughts and feelings on this subject.

So with that said:

Asylum of the Daleks

It wouldn't be Doctor Who if they weren't trying to kill at least one person I love...

It wouldn’t be Doctor Who if they weren’t trying to kill at least one person I love…

I have to be honest, Daleks are still my very least liked villains in Doctor Who. I was not excited that the series started with another episode where they’re in the title. And I really wasn’t pleased that Amy and Rory were living their own lives–badly–and were on the verge of splitting up. Though, I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one who wasn’t buying that for a minute. I mean, really? They’ve gone through all they have, sacrificed themselves for each other OVER and OVER and then *snap* just like that, over? Yeah, right. But of course, the reason for the split was just so them. Stupid and self sacrificing. Yep, that’s the Ponds we know and love.

Enough of them though, because really, this episode was about The Souffle Girl. I could play dumb and pretend that I don’t live on the internet and have no idea that somehow, somewhere, this girl becomes the next companion. But that would be dumb. I am incredibly curious to how that happens, especially with that surprise ending. How does a Dalek become a companion?

I liked her though. She was clever, and we know that the Doctor loves clever. And that she had the ability to erase the Doctor from the entire Dalek collective memory is nothing short of miraculous. I believe she might actually have some sort of super powers. Are we looking at a companion more powerful than the Doctor? What does that mean for the future?


(*Not going to lie, I am looking forward to the day when I get to ask questions that I am the only one who doesn’t know the answer to… someday…)

Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

Rory is a WEASLEY! This explains EVERYTHING!!  Seriously, his middle name is ARTHUR! It's been there like a itch I couldn't scratch. ;)

Rory is a WEASLEY! This explains EVERYTHING!!
Seriously, his middle name is ARTHUR! It’s been there all long, like an itch I couldn’t scratch. đŸ˜‰

This whole episode was just a lot of fun! And none more than how it reminded me how very small the island of Great Britain is and how many of their stars end up together in other things. But seriously, my obsession of late have revolved around Doctor Who, Harry Potter and Sherlock, and look, THEY ARE ALL THERE! If they had thrown in Colin Firth and Miranda Hart I would have been able to live my life never wanting for anything ever again.

It was also nice to see Rory and Amy in a domestic life that worked. I like the idea of them getting to have a life and family shenanigans and still also adventures with the Doctor. Mostly though, it was really nice to be able to be immersed in a stand alone episode and not spend the whole time wondering about the overall arc of the entire series. I hope this series has a lot of that and not a lot of  reminders that THIS IS ALMOST THE END, but first–dinosaurs!

We shall see.

Until then, who wants to go with me to the series 8 movie theater premiere on Monday? Anyone?

2 thoughts on “And So Begins Another Season

  1. Janarchy

    You know I would so go with you on Monday if we weren’t so far away from one another.

    Btw you should find the five part mini web series called Pond Life which I think aired once a day for the week prior to Asylum airing. It was a lot of fun. I’m sure it’s still online somewhere.

    At the time Asylum aired, Jenna’s involvement was actually a well kept secret. She’d already been cast, but no one knew she was in Asylum until they saw it. There were many screenings (although nothing like this year) and people were good at not spoiling, and there were people who didn’t even recognize her as the new companion girl once they saw it.

    I love the Daleks in all their cheesey glory. If you have the time, go back to the Tom Baker story Genesis of the Daleks for a good example of their backstory.

    1. Tamela J Ritter Post author

      Awww. I hate how huge the planet is sometimes.

      Haha, I just found them. I had seen a few of them before on one of my link jump marathons. It was great to see them again with some context and in order. Of course after that, I had to find all those Night mini-episodes. <3

      I remember there being a lot of confusion and WHA?!?!? going on, but I, of course, didn't know (or care) what the hoopla was.

      Oh, Daleks. Why you so ridiculous I can't take you seriously?!?!

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