Worst Part of the Job

Every job must come to an end. It’s an eventuality you say you are prepared for from the first day, but still, when it does finally come, it smacks you in the feels and leaves you reeling.

I was a shared nanny for three wonderful families. It was perfect when each family had a single child. Bee I watch in the morning before she goes to school. Then there was Monkey and Turtle. Neighbors and within 4 months of each other. They literally grew up together, as at least 3 days a week for most of their lives, they were at each other’s houses. Then Froggy came, and Koala Bear and they are wonderful and I love them to pieces. But it’s hard to keep 4 children under 4 entertained, educated and well taken care of all at the same time. Especially when last year there were so many colds, bronchitis bouts and ear infections swimming around.

It was less than ideal but we all just really liked each other and didn’t want to change anything.

Then this summer, while Turtle and Froggy’s mother got to stay home with her little ones, Monkey and K Bear’s parents got to see what it was like to have a nanny all to themselves. I also got to be reminded what it was like to be only responsible for one family’s children and home. We all had a really good summer.

So, last Friday was my last day with Monkey and K. Bear. *saddest face*

I’ve said good bye to a lot of children I’ve loved, and have refused to say good bye to only one. This time is a little different because we’re still going to try really hard to hang out on a pretty regular basis as Monkey and Turtle are besties and neighbors.

Still, they’re great kids and now someone else gets to make them even awesomer every day.

Ugh, got something in my eye again. I’m going to end here and just spam you with pictures instead. If any of you want to know the best ways  for all involved (especially the children) to break up with your nanny, let me know and I’ll make a blog post about it. Just not now. Too soon.

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