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The Angels Take Manhattan

It usually works like this. Months and months before, I get a bit tipsy and watch a few episodes of Doctor Who. Sometimes I live-tweet them, some times I don’t, depends on how very much I wish someone were in the room with me. Then, when it’s time to blog about the episodes I’d seen all those months before, I re-watch them, trying to hold onto that first impression, while also gaining more insights on further review. Then I blog about the episodes.

But, I just can’t… not this time… not this episode.

I’ve tried. But you see, I have only a few memories; I remember crying a lot, I remember cursing a lot. Then I remember talking to people about it and them pointing out all the ways that it was ridiculous. I don’t remember it being that, but I can imagine it. I can imagine that it has to be a bit ridiculous and not make all that much sense to write off two characters who have literally died about a dozen times in many, many different ways. There is no way that would seem plausible for these two characters to no longer be there. I mean, remember that time when Rory was ERASED from existing? And then like a week or two later he was a plastic Roman? Remember that? How you going to get rid of a character like that?

You can’t, can you? I don’t know. I can’t watch it again. Not yet.

So, I thought what I’d do is to just share with you my first impressions all those months ago, via my tweets. Should be fun.

DW 7x05 The Angels Take Manhattan 001

DW 7x05 The Angels Take Manhattan 375

DW 7x05 The Angels Take Manhattan 515

DW 7x05 The Angels Take Manhattan 608

DW 7x05 The Angels Take Manhattan 648

DW 7x05 The Angels Take Manhattan 732

Okay, so is it okay if I just imagine that they go back in time to a certain alleyway in a certain NYC street and watch as a certain little girl first regenerates and then raises her as… well, as their own? That’s how it happened, yes? I mean, if Amy can have two lives, one where she had parents and one where she didn’t, so surely River could as well, yes?

That will make it all better. Or sort of all better. Maybe. Eventually.

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