Oh, I love new things!

The Snowmen

Okay, not really. I am suspicious and standoffish with new things. Especially new people.

Doctor Who?

Doctor Who?

Despite that, and despite that I really, really liked Amy and Rory and really, really didn’t like Clara snogging the Doctor, I still really liked her. It’s a bit hard to explain why exactly. I promise I won’t spend the rest of these blogs comparing her to Amy (at least I hope I won’t) but this one time.

The thing about Amy is this: I, from time to time read an interesting feminist Doctor Who blog and there is a lot of it that I don’t agree with and drives me crazy (that’s okay, everyone does their feminism differently), but also, a lot of it stays with me and makes me think in good interesting ways.  The thing that has stuck with me the most is this challenge they threw out to list 5 things about Amy Pond that didn’t have anything to do with the Doctor.

There’s no denying that is a hard task to accomplish, or that she is a special case. I also don’t deny that despite that–and their point being that Amy lacks agency is, to me, complete horseshit–Amy very much seemed her own person and stood up on her own and stood up to the Doctor in extraordinary ways.

Still… Clara seems to be BURSTING with agency. It might be said, if it were possible, Clara has too much agency. She almost runs the risk of being independently practically perfect in every way. Wait a minute…

Maybe that’s why I instantly liked her. It’s the Mary Poppins of her. The caring of children, the walking on clouds and having an umbrella and the ability to make a city of chimney sweeps dance for her tired, sad and lonely old Doctor smile, feel and get involved again.

So, I think I’ll give her a chance. And the main reason is that I find the mystery of her intriguing. She seems to be some sort of time traveler, or shifter of some sort? Lived many lives all with the same name and face? Reincarnation? Will she use her powers for good or for evil? That smirk and dance in her eyes suggests a bit of both.

As for the episode itself? There was snow, there was a evilly narrated Snowpile that created Snowmonsters and besides that, not a lot to do with Christmas (sadly, not a single Red Ryder was involved). There was the Awesome-Whenever-They-Show-Up Paternoster Gang, the aforementioned Clara who for some unexplained reasons, had two different lives she lead and then there was this:

Sherlock Whom?

Sherlock Whom?

Haha, oh Moffat, you do like to amuse yourself, don’t you? And I might have been imagining this, but I swear there was a bit of a stylized Sherlock theme music playing in this scene, yes? I do love me some crossovers. But seriously, this scene was when I felt the old silly Doctor returning. When he was sitting beside nearly dead Clara making deals with the universe to save her was when I felt the hearts of the Doctor returning.

So things change. But the essences seem to be intact and we shall continue this journey.



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