No Salt Needed

Local Reads: Kate Ressman’s

“Cherry Blossom Express”



I know that peer-review should be taken with a huge grain of salt. I get that. You don’t trash a friend’s book–not in public anyway. You also might be blind to the flaws, or hesitant to point them out. So, I guess that’s where the salt comes in. I could tell you that the book is flawless, but honestly, I don’t want to tell you anything about it at all.

Which makes it really hard to review, I know. But I’ll try.

You see, about a year ago, Kate, a writer in my local group of NaNoWriMo writers asked me if I would read a story of hers that she wanted to get published. I, with a bit of trepidation, said yes. You see, I love reading people I know’s things, but I’m also usually scared because, no matter how much I wish I didn’t, I tend to judge people on their writing. I’m always waiting to be disappointed. I’m still waiting.

I was also nervous because, while I’d known Kate for years now, I had never before read anything she’d written. I didn’t even know what genres she wrote, what her style was, nothing.

I started this book knowing nothing. No blurb on the back, no section it would go in the bookstore. Nothing.

That’s the gift I want to give to you.

When was the last time you read a book that surprised and delighted you on every page? For some of us, never. We like to read the same author over and over, we like to read the backs of the book, we want recommendations from friends. We don’t want to waste our time.

I can absolutely recommend it, I can absolutely guarantee you won’t be wasting your time and if you want, if you really need it I will link a place where you can read the back blurb (and pre-order the book that will be released on November 12th–see what I did there?).

I can also, absolutely guarantee that you will want to read more from this author. A lot more.

Local Reads is a set of blogs I hope to do a lot of in the coming year. They will be book reviews from local authors that I’m either friends with, have met at a book signing, or have heard about through word of mouth. I think it’s time that I read and review the shelf of local author’s works I’ve collected over the last year. There is a wide variety of genres and talents here in the D.C./Virginia/Maryland area. I’m excited to be a part of it.

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