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Something has eaten my life… I’m not sure what. I go into my office with a lot of things to do every single night, then 5 hours later I look up and nothing is done and I’m passed exhausted. I think maybe I’m possessed? I’m hoping when the evil leaves me, I will discover that it has written a novel and not just played Subway Surfers for days and days.


I am writing though… when the deadline looms I can really get shit done.  I guess what I really need is more deadlines. Wait…

But, there are super exciting things coming up and I thought I’d come here and write about them, if for no other reason than it is on my To-Do List and I have been putting it off for reasons that defy logic.

This weekend I am doing two writerly things that both excite and terrify me. On Saturday I will be attending a book club that I am not a member of. They will be discussing my book. How cool is that?!?! It could be awesome–I’m sure it will be awesome–but I’m still anxious about it. Thankfully though, this book has been in so many critique groups and I’ve heard so many varied opinions on it, that even though it is my baby and how can something that precious be anything but perfect, I can be objective.

I hope.

Then on Sunday, I will be at the Centreville Public Library for Northern Virginia Writers Guild’s Writers Read. The event runs from 2-4 p.m. Feel free to come and hear a handful of us read. This will be the first time since it’s been published… the first time besides in previously  mentioned critique groups, that I will be reading from the novel. I’m a bit COMPLETELY terrified!

The end of June I will be going back to Washington State for vacation! Sadly, I have scheduled no author events–I am a HUGE slacker (and also, HoopFest), but I hope to lay some groundwork for maybe coming back in August for nothing but author events and such. So, any Seattle, Spokane and places in between friends out there, wanna hang out? I will be there June 22-30th and hopefully again in August for whatever promo/marketing/and such thing I can line up. If any of you work in local libraries, bookstores, newspapers or run book clubs or rotary meetings (just kidding, I don’t know what rotary clubs are or do) I’d love your help (and am clearly not above begging and whatnot).

Also in August, I will be participating in Shelf Addiction’s Summer of Indie Authors Event. The giveaway started on June 2nd so it’s not too late to find a handful of indie authors and win their books. My turn is August 11th and I would love if you all entered to win, or told others to enter to win! \o/

Finally, my last (as of now) scheduled writerly event for the summer is the 3rd Annual Helderberg Writing Retreat! It happens over the 4th of July weekend at my editor’s oasis of a place in New York. It’s going to be EPIC! I’m sure I’ll be talking about that more throughout the summer, both in anticipation and in post-event squee!


So, that’s my summer. What are you all up to? Any fun things planned?


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  1. Aaron Snider

    Good stuff. Contact me when you are here. We can go have a dinner somewhere or drinks or coffe or shoot the shit…. Something

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