Let’s Get The Band Back Together

Here's a random picture I took of a random Brando painted barn in a random town in Washington. Random... it's what I do.

Here’s a random picture I took of a random Brando painted barn in a random town in Washington State. Random… it’s what I do.

*runs gloved finger along edges*

W0w. There’s a lot of dust here on this ol’ website.

Sorry about that.

I’ve just come to grips with the fact that November is my high stress month and December is for hibernation. *yawns* *stretches*

But now I’m awake and raring to go! As I am once again trying out the ol’ Year of Creativity! Stop laughing! I mean it this time!

That means more of me here, more of my writing out there, just more.

So, on to the Resolutions!

I do have some health and professional resolutions that I’ll just skim here. I want to get in shape–or at least not be as seriously out of shape. So, I’m working on my diet and starting some sort of exercise regimen. As for professionally, I mean as a child care provider, as that is where my income comes from. I want to be better. More present and engaged. I want to appreciate ever milestone these little knuckleheads make. I do alright most days, but before break we had gotten into a bit of a slump and I want that gone when I return to work tomorrow.

Now on to the fun things. The Cute-Little-Hobby-I-Call-Being-An-Author things.

1. Blog– Man, I let that go this year.  I know in reality the world goes on and really could care less that I am not there commenting on my writing, babies and silly British television. But, it’s something that I have committed myself to do that I need to step up on. So, I want to get back to regular blog posts.

2. Reading– I want to have finished all the local author’s books and reviewed them by the end of the year. So far, I’ve read three of them and reviewed only one. Be better, Tamela!

3. Writing– OMG, so much writing. I really, really, really need to work on a system that allows and DEMANDS me to write a little something Every Single Day! I signed up for Get Your Words Out to keep me accountable. I signed up for their 200,000 word challenge, which sounds a hella crazy amount of words, but in reality is just a tiny bit over 5oo words a day. Totes doable, yeah? We’ll see.

And that’s it. I’ll be here at least once a month to update how I’m doing and break down all these goals into specifics, but seeing as how I’m just getting back into this, I’ll keep it brief for now.

So tell me, what are your goals for the year?

4 thoughts on “Let’s Get The Band Back Together

  1. Patrise

    Get Your Words Out!! I am checking it out.

    Hey, can you make a guest appearance at the Accokeek Women’s Writing Group? I know you’re not available Mondays, but maybe we could have a guest author talk sometime when you’re visiting.

  2. Kate

    Excellent goals all. 🙂

    I’ll have to check out Get Your Words Out. Can’t hurt to try it. I’m dreadfully competitive after all. I just hide it well.

    See ya on the flip side.

  3. Jules

    I read this the day you posted it, and apparently just thought I’d given you a comment.

    Yes. Goaly things are goaly.

    I’m all for the Get Your Words Out bandwagon. There has been much stuff related to writing in my life lately, but not actual writing. It sounds fun.

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