Remember When I Could NOT Shut Up about Doctor Who?

Me too.

I miss it.

But, I have in fact been writing about Doctor Who, just not here, and sadly, not Squishy-Face.

Me and 124 other authors take on an episode each from every single New Doctor Who. How insane is that?!?!

Release Date is this May 31st. Check it out!

However, writing about 12 makes me want to get to him in this here blog. So I’m really going to try and get speedily through this few episodes that are dragging me down.

If I can even remember them…

Cold War

Looking back at Twitter (from when I marathoned Series 7 on one very sad Christmas holiday) I had very little to say about this episode. I didn’t understand the monster of the week and didn’t care about the Russian crew. I guess I had thoughts on the sunglasses though:

Doctor Who - Series 7B

And I liked that he was wet for a good part of the episode too. *is shallow*

But then a friend sent me a video to check out that gave me a bit of history on the Monster/Alien of the week, the Ice Warriors and I did get a bit more invested. One day I think I might write some sort of essay about the theme of misunderstood monster that runs throughout Doctor Who.

One day.

Still, all in all, wasn’t my favorite of all Doctor Who episodes. Neither was:


Though, after this episode, I think I’m also going to write a essay about the theme of incredibly smart people being incredibly stupid about feelings that runs throughout the series as well.


Oh you genius-type knuckleheads!


There’s just a lot of things going on in this episode and I get a little fuzzy on how they tie into each other. There was ghosts that weren’t really ghosts, and pocket universes and hopping around time snapping pictures, and Clara and the TARDIS having issues, and a running girl who may or may not have been the ghost/pocket universe person/relative of knucklehead couple from future/past and all of this was for the purpose of Squishy Face to met Emma Grayling (one half of the knucklehead couple) who is some sort of empathetic psychic so he can find out what or who Clara is and getting no real answer?

It’s a bit of a blur.


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