May the Fourth Be With You…

bobba and darth

Sorry. No real Star Wars stuffs will be discussed in this post, I just couldn’t help when I realized what today was… Also last night I saw the preview in 3D on the ginormous screen and I am ridiculously excited about it! RIDICULOUSLY! *sigh*HANS*sigh*

But no, really, I’m here because it’s the beginning of the month and I’m determined to stick with this Year of Creativity even if it hasn’t been a banner year thus far, and even if I’m the last one still doing it. Am I the only one still here? If so, do I get some sort of award? Some sort of sash?

That would be cool.

Okay. So, yeah… You know it’s a bad sign when you have to go back to check out your last month’s post to see what it was that you even pretended you were going to get accomplished. *hangs head*

But! I did get things done. Some things. I DID get my friend’s novel edited (only a few weeks later than promised!), I did get a lot of words written (just not in anything of much use), I did blog pretty regularly (well, in that one week anyway, but I see things on the horizon, so yay!). In fact, now that I look at it, the only thing I didn’t get accomplished is the reading one. Donna Tartt, man, Donna Tartt. Oh yeah, and that writing a novel thing. 🙁

I am soooo looking forward to my summer when I will have the glorious that is time, sweet, beautiful time. I mean, I’ll miss the kiddos and (lets be honest) the pay check, but I know it’s an amazing luxury that I get to do this whole Being A Writer every summer and get to devote time to that, but also have this honest to goodness job where the paycheck is much more steady and in something– working for people– I adore.

Life. How does it spoil me so?

So, on to May:

Writing: No word counts this month. This month is all about working on my focus. OMG, FOCUS TAMELA, FOCUS!
Gathering Ideas: One of the books I am working on this summer is a craft book for kids of all ages. So I want to start working on ideas and spend hours trolling the internet–this time with a purpose and a goal and everything. w00t!
Blogging: The last week or so has been a good level of blogging to attain to. I’m just hoping to get that much done again and to also, FINALLY, finish with my labor of love that is the Doctor Squishy Face era of Doctor Who.
Reading: will finish “The Goldfinch” and “Rivers of London.” I will! I also want to start on the newest novel from one of my very favorite Virginia writers, Robert Scott “Emails from Jennifer Cooper.” I mean, how cool is this book trailer?

Man, makes me want one of my own. The book, yes. But also, a trailer. Seriously, how cool is that?!?!

Maybe for my next one.

First though, I should probably write that next one, yes?

2 thoughts on “May the Fourth Be With You…

  1. Patrise

    YES you should write the second one!
    and Year of Creativity? well.. do I have a creative room for YOU! (well, the beginnings of one…)
    My new house has an Art Room, and All The Toys. Plus, its SO pretty here!

    we must make plans. May is toast, I fear. due to big work success I will be working insanely. but, come summer proper, YOU, my pretty are coming here for fun camp!

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