Where I (and/or) My Book Will Be in May

Apparently May is all about the Con.

This weekend (May 21-25th) I will be in Laconia New Hampshire at Misti-Con, a intimate gathering of Harry Potter nerds, geeks and what-have-yous doing my geek, nerd, what-have-you-thing. It is not my first Harry Potter gathering and it more than likely will not be my last. I make no apologies of being devoted to a series of books. As Daniel Radcliffe says:


I’ve met some great people through this literary obsession. One of those people turned out to be my editor at Battered Suitcase who is also going to be there. Through her awesome, I am now included as one of the conference’s Literary Guests!

I will be doing a reading some time during the conference, and more importantly to the general public that just happens to be in New Hampshire that weekend and want to stop by, Saturday May 23 is when they open this thing up to the Wizarding World’s Fair and GO CRAZY!  There will be games, bounce houses, performances, magic and crafters and authors selling (and signing) their wares.

That is where I’ll be! Stop by and say hi!

The weekend after that (May 29-31) is Awesome Con! in Washington D.C.  My friends at Golden Fleece Press will be there selling their wares, promoting and soliciting contributors to their awesome Fandom Universe series. They will also be selling my book– signed and everything.

You know what that means? It means my book will be in the same building as 2/3 of the PONDS FAMILY! OMG! So come by and say hi to it, and River Song! I’m not sure if I’m going to go because, honest to goodness, until about 5 minutes ago, I thought the con was happening this weekend and I (as mentioned above) already had plans.

Hmmm… maybe…

Anyway, regardless, my book will be there! Other awesome books from their press will be there! Go! Buy a book! And say hi to Alex and Arthur for me! (Just incase).

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