Pro Tip: Don’t Get Into a Spaceship with a Madman

Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS


It has only taken me about 3o or so episodes, but I have just now discovered a very important fact. If you watch an episode enough times, no matter what your feelings about it in the beginning, you will, eventually get to a number that transforms it for you and makes you fall in love with it, makes you see all the things it had been trying so very hard to convey to you.

For example, The 11th Hour and Vincent and the Doctor I loved from the very beginning. The Doctor’s Wife and The Girl Who Waited took a second viewing for me to see just how heartbreaking and perfect they were.  And for Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS? Well, turns out, the magic number for that one was FOUR. Yes, I watched this episode four times and now, FINALLY, I can declare that I sort of love it a lot.

I’m not sure if this would hold true for other Doctors, I don’t know if you have to love the Doctor special, but I imagine so. I mean, how many times would you sit through something that did absolutely nothing for you? I can’t think of anything else I would, but for Squishy-Face? With him, there is usually something, no matter how little or meaningless to others that gets me right in the feels, or gets me saying, “That is BRILLIANT!” at least once. For this episode it was a number of things that got me intrigued enough to continue watching, there was the mystery of Clara and who she is/was/will be, and then there was the whole Firefly of it all–the salvage ship roaming the skies looking for junkers to theft from. Made me wonder what the crew of Serenity would make of the TARDIS. And while the crew of this salvage ship wasn’t exactly Mal, Wash, Zoe et al levels of awesome, they were fascinating. But really, it was the TARDIS itself that intrigued me the most; all the things she is, all the secrets she hides, the ways in which she protects the Doctor and holds all his demons.

The Crimson Horror

My Monster!

My Special Monster!

And for this episode it was the return of the Paternoster Gang (love them all SO MUCH and always have a favorite. This time it was Jenny in her adorable, kick-ass-ness), Squishy in a bowler hat (is there no headwear that isn’t adorable on that head?!?) and the mystery and danger of the red faced dilemma, especially, of course, in the case of Squishy’s perfect face. OW! Poor baby!

But mostly, it was the interaction between Ada Gillyflower (the blind, tortured daughter of the main villain) and her special monster–Squishy! I will NEVER tire of his care and gentleness to most of humankind, but especially those the most fragile–children and the beaten-down.

Ada: You! It’s you! My monster! You’ve come back. But you’re…
The Doctor: Warm. And alive. Thanks to you, Ada. You saved me from your mother’s human rubbish tip. {she cries} Now, hey. What’s wrong?
Ada: She does not want me, Monster. I am not to be chosen. Perhaps it was my own sin. The blackness in my heart that my father saw in me.
The Doctor: Ada, no! That’s nonsense. Stupid, backwards nonsense. And you know it. You know it.


It’s what I think I’ll miss the most. The whole “900 years of time and space, and I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t important” of him. It’s hard to imagine any other Doctor saying some of those things, knowing when someone needs a hug, a hand to hold or just a face to slap.


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