Mr. Clever and Doctor Song…

These are a few of my favorite things.

Almost done, guys.

But, I’m a bit like the Doctor, I don’t like good byes. Which is why it is taking me so long to get through these final episodes. That and because each of these Series 7.2 episodes are so hard to watch. They’re amazing, just hard. But, lets just press on as if we don’t know where it goes from here. If we can.

Nightmare In Silver


I don’t know why it is that it took me so long to appreciate this episode. It could have been the personal I brought into it that just wanted to smack one of Clara’s charges the whole episode. I’ve dealt with teens like that, the “Ho hum, wow, you brought us to another planet in your space ship. Yawn” attitude. The You’re Not The Boss of Me bit, and it’s never been the best part of my job.

So, seeing it directed at Clara and Squishy was irritating.

But she was comatose for much of the episode, so what else?   Well, I’m also never a fan of people or things using the Doctor’s own mind, and/or body against him and his loved ones. Maybe it was that, I don’t know. But I do know what made me give it another chance and how that made all the difference.

I met someone and instantly fell in love:

Who knows who you will run into at a Harry Potter Con...

Who knows who you will run into at a Harry Potter Con…

I met Mr. Clever.

I met someone who loved Mr. Clever so much that despite not being a cosplayer or a having never had any interest in it, became this, created this. After reading about their experiences as Mr. Clever and the criticism they received for their choices, I decided that I was going to watch again and see if I could see what it was that drove them to devote so much time and energy to Mr. Clever. A character that I had described as a Bag O’ Douche.

For so long, we’ve been watching the Doctor go through the motions– a little bit sad and a little bit broken. He has his moments from time to time, but the years, the losses and the job has clearly taken it’s toll. He’s putting on a face.

Then there’s Mr. Clever who is also putting on a face–literally. He is just dancing around in that great big beautiful head and he is seeing all that the Doctor is, all he can be, all the magic, the ridiculous and the transcendent beauty and he is reveling. He is the Doctor’s id, drunk on all that he can do, on how clever he is, how powerful he can be without any of that messy conscious of past trauma, all that Having a  Moral Compass bummers getting him down.

He really is quite delicious.

At least that is what I have come up with. I don’t know if it’s what they see in Mr. Clever (I should really ask), but it’s what I find captivating in him, what saved this episode for me.

The Name of the Doctor



The Doctor: You’re always here to me. And I always listen. And I can always see you.
River: Then why didn’t you speak to me?
The Doctor: Because I thought it would hurt too much.
River: I believe I could have coped.
The Doctor: No. I thought it would hurt me. And I was right.

And also other things happened. I guess.

Ahem, okay, yes, I’m not really a 12 year old love-struck girl who is a sucker for long lost, star crossed lovers finally reconnecting–sort of, I guess I should mention the other things that happened in this episode, because goood lord a lot happened!

So, we finally found out how Clara was The Impossible Girl. Someone whose sole purpose was to save the Doctor… I think? Like she had a family, and she wasn’t raised by an alien species for one goal, right? I don’t know, it’s all a bit fuzzy. But, she was there, and the Paternoster were there, and the evil Snowmen jerk-wads, the Great Intelligence were there, and again they were assembled to Stop The Doctor… like in “The Pandorica Opens”, like in “A Good Man Goes to War.” This time, their way to go about it is through his tomb? And to open his tomb they need to say his name? I guess…

Has his name really never been spoken? Are Clara and River really the only people in the whole of the universe who know it? Did we ever see Squishy give it to River? He said it was what he whispered in her ear when they were getting married, but later we find out that what he really said was that he wasn’t really the Doctor and she could go ahead and kill him. Sooooo…?

And then there is more questions I have about River–okay, yes, River pretty much was all that I cared about while watching. I can’t help it. I love her so. Anyway… so, the last time we see River is when her parents get sent back in time somewhere and the Doctor couldn’t get the because he couldn’t cross his own time stream (which is what he’s doing in this episode, but whatever) and River and he flew away. Then she’s there in his graveyard and yet she’s not because she’s no longer alive. Um… what?

And I know, it’s time travel and everything is always jumbled, but I feel like we’re to know this? IDK… All I do know is that almost the last episode of  Squishy and I sometimes feel like I’m just as confused as I was in the beginning.

At least now I know the difference between a TARDIS and a dalek. Score!

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