Call for Submissions

A few months ago, my good friend and editor N. Apythia Morges asked if I’d like to be a guest editor on her amazing project Ink Stains: Dark Fiction Anthology. I have been busy these last couple weeks reading the slush pile looking for stories that are creepy, scary and disturbing without being too any of those things, baby that I am.

One of my jobs as guest editor is to choose the theme of my edition and then find stories that fit that theme. Or, as Apythia suggested, find stories I like and usually the theme will happen organically. So, I found a story about a zombie, and one about a ghost, a terrifying story about revenge…and then there are the roaches.

I loved all of them. But, besides my love of them, they had nothing else in common. Some freaked me out, haunted me, made me cry and one even made me laugh really hard. I was starting to panic. It wasn’t happening organically at all. I mean, what did re-animated German soldiers in France during World War I have to do with tragic teens in New Zealand? What did the souls of the dead in Mexico have to do with infidelity in India?

Then it dawned on me, and it was so very organic. I had been selecting stories like I select stories to write. Stories where location is a character of its own, stories about the marginalized and forgotten; exotic locals and universal truths.  

YAY! I have a theme.

What I need now are a few more stories. What I’d really, really like would be stories about indigenous characters by Native writers, First People or Native American specifically, but if you have something that fits (location as character, “othered” characters telling their own stories from anywhere in the world, dark, disturbing, haunting or mind-bendery without being gory), please send it. If you want it considered for my edition, it needs to be submitted no later than November 1st. Also, feel free to address your cover letter to me personally.

Thanks, can’t wait to read you.




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