Book Review and GIVEAWAY! “Smarty Locks and the Unforgettable Zoo”


Smarty Locks and the Unforgettable Zoo written by Marilyn Harary and Illustrated by Janette Louden is an adorable book about dealing with disappointment, turning a negative into a positive and using your creativity to save the day.


Smarty Locks jumps out of bed one morning brimming with excitement. The day she’s been waiting for has arrived. Her class is going to the zoo. She spends the morning preparing for the fun day, rushing her parents out the door and on the way to school. When she arrives, her friends and her discuss all the animals they’ll see as her teacher apprehensively checks the sky and the dark clouds forming.


DOOMED. Their trip is doomed when the first raindrop falls, the field trip is cancelled and everyone–especially Smarty Locks–is severely disappointed. They spend some quality time sulking before Smarty starts thinking and comes up with a brilliant idea: with arts and crafts, paper and paint, they’ll create their own zoo! Wahoo!


The illustrations are vivid and engaging and lovingly rendered. The rhyme and rhythm is delightful to read aloud and helps make the character and situation very relatable. I would totally read this to any child who needed to hear about children dealing with and overcoming disappointment–and what child (what person) doesn’t need that?


I would totally give this to any parent/teacher/care provider who has little ones (age 5 and up) who needed to be reminded of how important imagination and creativity is to dealing with frustrations in life.


And, thanks to author Marilyn Harary, I can do just that. Give away a book! Who wants one?


Enter the giveaway here!


    • Grade Level: Kindergarten-3rd
    • Hardcover: 32 pages
    • Price: 15.99 Hardcover
    • Where to Purchase: On Amazon

I am honored to be included in “Here Wee Read.” A group of book reviewers and bloggers focusing on diverse books, mostly children’s. I love so much the very idea of this group and hope to do them proud. So, this is the place where I have to tell you that in exchange for a free book, I have agreed to give this book an honest review. No other payment was received and I am under no obligation to be positive in this–or any other book I review.

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