Diverse Book Review: “Pinky Promise”

413UXgwwmsL._SX379_BO1,204,203,200_Alicia J. Turner’s newest book “Pinky Promise,” illustrated by Justin Richburg, is not a fairytale. It’s not an allegory or fable. It doesn’t hide its message in metaphor or cute, talking animals.  

Instead the book gives many diverse nightmare scenarios of Bad Touch, Stranger Danger, Family Secrets and Authority Figure Abuse that are sometimes hard to see and even harder to talk about. This is a book all about things that are hard to talk about, but must be. This book starts a conversation between a child and someone who they can trust implicitly; somebody who PROMISES with their pinky (and everyone knows that Pinky Promises are the most binding sort of promise you can make) to listen, to believe and to help.

I’ve been putting off this review. Not because I didn’t like the book–I did. Not because I don’t think the book has merit–it does. It is, in fact, incredibly timely and a great way to start the conversation before the children in your life become another #MeToo statistic.

And that’s why I’ve been putting it off. I don’t want the review to be one of those “All About Me” projects, and my own #MeToo story is not something I’m really eager to talk about it on pages that I can’t disguise as fiction.

But well…

Let’s just say this book would have come in REALLY handy when I was a child. The idea that I had someone to make a Pinky Promise with, someone who had talked to me and assured me that what I was feeling was valid and what was happening to me wasn’t my fault and that they would believe me no matter what, would have probably– definitely– changed my entire life.

I would absolutely positively recommend this to any child in your life you’re willing and able to promise to protect. Which for me, and most people I know, means every child. Every. Single. One.

  • Age Range: 8 – 12 years
  • Grade Level: 2 – 5
  • Hardcover: 32 pages
  • Price: Paperback– 12.99 Hardcover–18.99
  • Available: On Amazon

am honored to be included in “Here Wee Read.” A group of book reviewers and bloggers focusing on diverse books, mostly children’s. I love so much the very idea of this group and hope to do them proud. So, this is the place where I have to tell you that in exchange for a free book, I have agreed to give this book an honest review. No other payment was received and I am under no obligation to be positive in this–or any other book I review.



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