Seaglass, My Ass

First week of 52!

We first attempted this project over the summer with Bee. I was told by Pinterest that if you take Elmer’s glue and food coloring and paint it on glass, you would get something that looks like sea glass. Sort of like this.

First mistake I did was before I even got the kiddies involved. I didn’t consult the website this Pin came from. This was one of the pins whose directions were in the comments: Mix Elmer’s glue with food coloring and paint it on to any glass to make it look like seaglass when dry. So I thought, easy-peasy, it’s going to look just like that! So, me, Turtle and Bee mixed some glue and some colors and viola:

First Attempt!

First Attempt!

Yeah. Not so much.

It was then that I went to the website that the pin was from. Turned out it was an Etsy shop where they are selling painted Mason Jars and chances are that they’re not using Elmer’s glue and food color. In fact, after this experiment, I went to the website and found this:

*****Each jar is hand painted with long lasting durable oven fired specialty paint. This paint is designed specifically for glass. These are dishwasher safe and will last for years to come*****

That will be my first bit of advice when using Pinterest: No matter how detailed people are in their comments,  ALWAYS check the website! Firstly, it’s the polite thing to do. The picture was taking by someone and a lot of time was put into sharing  their knowledge (and in this case, making a living). Secondly, you never know who of the 100s of people that re-pin things left those suggestive comments or what their expertise is.

But, I was determined.  The next time I decided that if we just did one color we would have better chances of it looking even a tiny bit like sea glass. This time it was just me and Turtle and it turned out much better. Still not sea glass-like, but still pretty.

Second Attempt!

Second Attempt!

What I love most about this is that I was very particular about steady, thick strokes and keeping it even and Turtle was SOOOO not. And yet you can barely tell them apart.

Also, weirdly, the first time we tried this, the jars are STILL sticky, these ones are dry and shiny and are now used as vases and holding pretty things.

Partially successful!


Next up: String Balls!

Wish me luck!



3 thoughts on “Seaglass, My Ass

  1. Kate

    *nice* The red ones look very pretty.
    (even the ones that didn’t turn out sea-glass-like would probably look great with white flowers in them. If they ever dry, that is.)

    1. Tamela J Ritter Post author

      Yeah, I was much happier with the second attempt. If I were to try it again, I think I’d see what would happen if I added more coats of “paint.” But, I think it’s time to move on from this Pinterest experiment. 🙂

  2. krystle williams

    I so agree with you I was so upset when I tried the sea glass attempt I even tried the one with modge podge and it still doesn’t look like sea glass. The red set really looked good the other ones didn’t look that bad I would tried a couple more coats and saw how it would of turned out but thanks for your post and good luck on other experiments.

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