C is for Cruditès


C is for Crudites... and Celery, Carrots, Cheese, Cucumbers and Cherry Tomatoes.

C is for Crudites… and Celery, Carrots, Cheese, Cucumbers and Cherry Tomatoes.

No really.

We’re ~fancy~ here, folks.

But it also stands for…






And don’t forget:

Cute Construction worker!

Cute Construction worker!

So, yeah, last week was C week and we perhaps went a bit overboard. It doesn’t help that Turtle’s real name starts with a C… so it’s important to him to know that letter. And also there are a lot of fun things and yummy things that start with that letter. And of course, it was during this week, while searching for an activity that I found a blog about how you shouldn’t plan your curriculum around a letter for an entire week. :(

No Time for Flashcards which is an amazing website for ideas and activities.

They have good points: too much focus on that one thing without its relation to other things and lack of focus on other things like numbers, colors and all that. I understand that, and will think on it as I continue. I just need to keep it that way because it’s a structure that works for me and my little ones and we need structure right now. Also, I try and incorporate other things in the letter that have to do with color, numbers and  shapes and reading. And finally, this isn’t what we do with our ENTIRE day. Just a small part of it.

So far, I’m liking it a lot. Besides, next week we get to make DINOSAURS! YAYAYAYAY!

*links for the pins we did this week:

For the cruditès

C is for Car Craft




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One thought on “C is for Cruditès

  1. Kate

    Very cool. Loved the flower of veggies. :)
    Someday I’ll learn to spell cruditès without having to copy and paste it or rely on my spellcheck. But today is not that day.

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