Please Collect Your Parcels and Form an Orderly Queue…*

For the blog tour is over. We have all taken our trips, dropped our truths all over the region and are back from our travels with new tales to tell.

Or something.

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Anyway, thanks everyone for being awesome to my visiting bloggers these last two months.

In case you were wondering where I was and what fun sort of shenanigans I was getting up with, well, I’ll tell you.

My first stop was at poet Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt’s blog were I whipped out a bit of poetry myself: Rockland Maine

Then I headed over to our fearless leader Cindy Brookshire’s blog and talked about writing through the pain: What Doesn’t Kill Us

Then Dan Verner asked me to come over to his blog and talk about about the process of getting my book published: From These Ashes: The Process

At Jan Rayl’s travel blog I talked about nostalgia and road trips: The Things You Find On the Side of the Road

Kristy Feltenberger Gillespie asked me 25 questions no one wanted to know about me: Interview 

Then on Angela Bryce’s Lady in Balance blog I pondered on nature and writing and whatnot: The Stories You Tell

On Shay Seaborne’s blog I shared a excerpt from the novel: From These Ashes: An Excerpt

Nancy Kyme’s blog is devoted to her novel “Memory Lake: The Forever Friendships of Summer” so I wrote about summer camp… and fire. Go We Forth From Our Council Fire

On Linda Johnston’s blog, I talked about one of my favorite people–My Grandma <3 : Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

On steampunk author Tee Morris’ blog I confessed my lack of fantasy/sci-fi reading and asked for recommendations. I got a LOT, but could always use some more: Hi, my name is Tamela J. Ritter and I am a sci-fi/fantasy n00b

On best selling author Phillipa Ballantine’s blog I talked about inspiration and where to find it: Inspiration Hunting

On Stacia Kelly’s blog I talked about where I got my love of travel–My dad <3 : My Father’s Daughter

And finally, I blogged about the year anniversary of my book being published on Nick Kelly’s blog: If Nothing Ended, Nothing Would Begin

Check them out if you want. Also if you’ve missed any of the awesome people here on this blog, feel free to visit. Just click on the “Guest Blogger” tag or the “Write by the Rails” one. You won’t regret it.


*Apparently I also spent time in England while away? IDEK.

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