Can’t Even Come Up With a Title…

I’ll get into the whole goal reflection and whatnot in just a second, first though, PLEASE if you are in the Northern Virginia area, especially the Manassas part this weekend, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE come and hang out with me. I will be doing the thing that scares me the most, reading aloud– to people! People who aren’t children!


Okay, on to my Year of Creative Pursuits Keeping it Honest Post. Honestly, I’m getting sad that these all start with me trying to find excuses for why I didn’t reach my goal and then going ahead and listing a few more probably unattainable ones for the upcoming month. It’s getting depressing.

Last month wizzed by and I got to have adventures and I’ll just end the reflection and excuse-giving there. Next month I’m going to see what happens when I make no plans, no goals. I’ll probably wind up ruling the world–or spiral even farther down the rabbit hole. Either way, I WILL be back next month to regale you of all my half baked schemes and shenanigans! I might be down but I’m definitely not out. Even if this month is a bit of a cheat.

See you next month–or, you know, this weekend if you’re in the area. <3

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